The Kinderhook Reformed Church is committed to empowering and inspiring our young people to live whole lives as disciples of Christ in a loving, welcoming, intergenerational community, which is rooted in the joys and traditions of the Church.


  • Acceptance:  Our children and youth will recognize that all of us are beloved children of God, through empathy and inclusion of others.
  • Trustworthy: Our children and youth will be trustworthy persons, showing commitment and loyalty.
  • Sacrifice: Our children and youth will think of and give to others through service, conservation and stewardship.
  • Prayer:  Our children and youth will be people of prayer, for their own lives and for others.
  • Christian community:  Our children and youth will be aware that the church community is a safe place where all are known and loved and their role in continuing the tradion.
  • Love:  Our children and youth will show compassion, concern, and care for others because we first have been loved by Christ
  • Faith:  Our children and youth will learn about foundations of Christian faith and worship, especially in the Episcopal tradition.
  • Fruit of the Spirit: Our children and youth will demonstrate love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.
  • Relevant to life now: Our children and youth will experience God as active in our lives and communities now.
  • Community Our children and youth will understand their formation is something in which the entire church community invests, not just parents.  

For more information regarding our Youth Sunday school please contact Elize Visser at 518-758-9311.

For More information reparding our Youth Group or Vacation Bible School please contact Patti Varga at 518-755-3054.



Dear Brother /Sister ,

It is my privilege to have an email with you. I am Pastor Edward Qaser from Lahore , Pakistan. I am serving the Lord Jesus Christ with Evangelistic and Humanity based ministry , to glorify His name and there is good team of Ministers working with us in the field of Harvest in Pakistan. Our main focus is to reach to unreached with Love of Christ.
People of Pakistan need of knowing about the truth and Love of our Lord Jesus Christ especially the poor people are deprived one.
Dear , EGM Pakistan is a Humanity base organization and working for the development of the human beings its main object is to mitigate the effects of poverty, disease, illiteracy, disasters, human rights abuse and environmental degradation, on the human race at grass roots level and against all odds, restore its decorum.
We accomplish this mission by implementing various community based programs like Empowerment of women projects , Computer Centers, Sewing Centers, Relief in disasters, Provide food to Poor and Disable families, Orphan Center, Scholarship for Poor and Needy Students .
I want to invite you with great love and encouraging words to come to Pakistan and bring the Good News of Lord Jesus with people of Pakistan. Only 2.8 % Christian in Pakistan out of 200 million people , so there is an urgent need of Servants of the Lord.
May Lord lay burden on your heart for your Pakistani brethren .
We are inviting you come to Pakistan to conduct crusades, seminars, Leadership conferences and Evangelical Meetings … Hope to hear from you as soon as….

God Bless you
Edward Qaser ( Director )
Cell :- 92-300-843-7639
Office :- 92-423-596-5371
website :-
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